This piece was inspired by my soccer background; the white ball is suppose to symbolize a soccer ball as I have played the sport my entire life. I wanted to add a digital effect to it, as I journey on and learn more about graphic design, video editing, web design & more! My favorite part about this is the “digital streak” the ball is leaving behind as it approaches the text to the right. I’m still experimenting with what I could do with the text, maybe change the color, add some more in depth drop shadows and stuff to that effect. Either way, I think this has a very clean look to it.


Patriot Planner 2016-2017

I created the front cover for The University of Texas at Tyler Student Life & Leadership 2016-2017 Planner as I worked as the Student Assistant. I made this in Adobe Illustrator and was very pleased when we were able to print it. For more work, please select the “Graphics” tab.

Patriot Planner 2016-2017
Patriot Planner 2016-2017


Future ID Logo

The two separate, and unique, logos below are a few of my personal favorites. One of my buddies from Tyler was thinking of some business ideas and had the name down, but not the product. So, just out of curiosity and wonder, he asked me to see what I could come up with. I went based off of the name (an alternative way of using Identification techniques), and attempted to make a futuristic-style logo, making it look like a fingerprint/thumb scanner; the blue lines acting as the thumb print and circuit board.

The second logo is focused on the optical way of potentially identifying a person. This one took a long time, but am happy the way it turned out. I used the same font as the first one as I thought it brought a retro, futuristic feel to it.

Future ID ThumbCircuit