About Me


First off, thanks for coming by my page! I’ll try to make your stay as boring as possible!

My name is Jason Weed and I am a student at Texas State University. I am in the Mass Communications program focusing on Digital Media Innovation which is based more on Web Development, Analytics/Data, Social Media Marketing/Promotion and subjects related to those fields. I’m currently focused on the Web Development/Social media aspect. Why, you ask? I have always had an interested in visual communications such as logo/brand design, cinematography and such activities. I have also been interested in the back-end of programming and the actual development of websites; this simply means I enjoy learning about how people are actually able to interface and interact with websites and how those websites interact with people back. I also enjoy the creative aspect of being able to design something; there’s tons of room to be creative in this field. It is very interesting (I think) as it is very easy to overlook websites…you simply click a button and boom, you can access any site you want whenever you want. But how do they work? That was the question that put the wheels in motion for my future career.

Some other random fun facts about me is that I have a loving girlfriend, an amazing mother with endless support and two older brothers that have significantly influenced who I am today, for the better undoubtedly. I use to play soccer at the collegiate level for The University of Texas at Tyler for the 2014-2015 seasons. Shortly after I transferred to Texas State to pursue my Mass Comm degree. Some of my hobbies include running (with my dog, Cooper), reading, soccer, graphic design and relaxing, of course.

Thanks again for stopping by, feel free to look around and if you have any feedback please don’t hesitate to contact me.