Review & Summary of God’s Debris: A Thought Experiment by Scott Adams

I was able to take a day to relax and finally dive into a book I have been very much looking forward to reading. God’s Debris: A Thought Experiment is a discussion between 2 people that makes you think. Don’t get me wrong, it sounds simple to sit down, read and think about what these people are talking about, but for the ordinary mind it is hard to wrap your head around some there ideas and theories. Adams dives into how we view God based off of religious, theoretical and personal beliefs, how we are connected (consciously) and how we are all connected to God. If you’re looking for a mind-rattling read, this book is a short read packed with a big punch.

Sneak-Peak of What To Expect

One of the focuses Adams clearly presents is the infinite power of probability. Simply putting, anything that can happen, will happen, much like Murphy’s Law. Adams also emphasizes the fact that our brains and the languages we have created are too limited to deal with anything but the fixed reality we have created for ourselves. The most efficient thing we can do is to update our “delusion generators” to fit the times and technology.

Adams describes one of the two characters as a delivery man who is about to have his mind blown as he is in the mist of his ordinary morning driving place to place around the city he knows “like the back of his hand.” He then goes to this new area he has not been to before, but goes to the address on the package. He enters this room as he needs a signature for the package; to his surprise after knocking several times, there is an old man sitting in his living room staring at a lit fire. The mind games begin soon after his entrance.

The older man begins to ask him simple questions about his beliefs and why he has these beliefs. To break the news to you early, there is a repitition in this read as the old man has an eccentric way of not necessarily disproving his beliefs/theories, but it makes the delivery man think and build his argument.

It gets complex at times as one of the characters is an Avatar, a level 5 human, whom is a person who is fully aware that our brains are a “delusion generator machine,” and that science is more of a belief system (an effective one, at that). This is the highest level of humans. There are 4 levels; each level (going from 1-5) increases awareness. Level 1 is being aware that you are alive and conscious, or having the realization of self-awareness. Level 2 is awareness of others and the acceptance of a higher power or belief system. Level 3 is awareness that some belief systems may be wrong, but aren’t really sure which are. The level before becoming an Avatar, level 4 is skepticism, which is the process of questioning everything or close to everything.

My Rating

My official rating for this thought experiment is 4 stars out of 5 and would/have recommended it to many people. Follow me on Twitter @jasonweed for some awesome and hilarious tweets/retweets.

God's Debris
Excerpt from God’s Debris: A Thought Experiment written by Scott Adams.

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